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Common Services

Education Law & Advocacy
Trainings and Advice 
School Records Reviews and Classroom

We offer private educational consultations with parents to understand their children’s educational needs and identify supportive educational practices  

We offer specific trainings and advice in the areas of: Special Education Advocacy and Law; Education Law; Effective Parent School Communication; Behavioral Support for Struggling Students; Inclusionary and Supportive Practices for the Classrooom; Understanding Local School District Policies and Procedures; and Understanding Disciplinary Proceedings

We can review classroom records and observe children in their classrooms to help ascertain the reason for school struggles and provide school based interventions/solutions  

Participation in School Meetings 
Education & School

We can participate in informal conversations and meetings with school personnel to determine children’s educational needs and educational opportunities at school

We offer direct advocacy services in formal school meetings in all of our speciality areas including but not limited to: educational law; educational evaluations; classroom support;  special education policy and procedures; positive behavioral support; disciplinary procedures; and other school based advocacy needs   

We offer feedback and recommendations on appropriate and supporitve educational options based on children's unique learning needs such as public, charter, private, online, career/techical, magnet, gifted, and alternative educational programs and schools  

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