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Client Testimonials

"Dr. Leslie Strasser Congrove has been a tremendous support to me and my family as we navigated the CCSD Highly Gifted (HG) eligibility territory last year. She remained steady and persistent as we worked with CCSD over a number of months to have my son’s case evaluated based on its unique merits. She encouraged the HG office to consider all points of information to determine eligibility to the program and provided expertise in many areas including Nevada education law, CCSD policy, and education advocacy. Dr. Strasser Congrove was responsive and available to me as needed, she helped guide me as I became doubtful along the way. She always had the end in mind and didn’t waiver in her approach and ability to succeed. We are thrilled that my son has been accepted into the CCSD Highly Gifted Program and this result have been impossible to achieve without the support of Dr. Strasser Congrove”


-Renee F.

When our daughter was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, we felt devastated and helpless as her parents. We prayed real hard for God to lead our family to the right path, to provide unending strength and perseverance, and to bring people who will help navigate this Journey with our daughter. One of these people was Dr. Leslie Strasser Congrove.  As they say, each student will have an individualized educational plan, and so will Dr. Strasser Congrove's plan for each family.  With her years of experience as a regular and special education teacher, an educational advocate, and having a law degree, she was able to provide practical advice and strategies on how to communicate and deal with the school district as each issue unraveled.  After all, it was necessary to build a relationship with our daughter's school and teachers, her presence during our school meetings ensured that our voices as parents and advocates for our daughter were truly heard and respected.  She has been and continues to be a valuable player in our team.  With her help, we hope that more families will become empowered to be the voices of their special needs children and to never give up the fight for a better, inclusive type of education.  One that will give a bright future to these hidden geniuses!


-Shirley and Andrew (Parents of K.T.)

“As an instructional coach for a non-profit organization, Dr. Leslie Strasser Congrove has been instrumental in the preparation and inspiration for our new special education teachers. Her knowledge of special education has been an insurmountable addition to the conversations and development that our teachers have had in the past year. Not only is she knowledgeable about best special education practices, but she also has an infectious passion for partnerships with the community and students and families. She has helped to rally local parents of Diverse Learners to speak with and share their stories with our teachers. This initiative to bridge a bond and conversation with educators and parents has led to stronger and empowering outcomes with our students across the Valley. Dr. Strasser Congrove is more than an advocate, she is a connector.” 


- Jasmine B.

Teach for America 

"Dr. Leslie Strasser Congrove is an expert when it comes to advocating for kids with disabilities. I first met her when she conducted a presentation for the parents at the Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada. She genuinely cares for the welfare of her clients regarding their educational plans and is widely knowledgeable enough to fight for what they are entitled to. Working with her as my daughter's advocate is truly remarkable because aside from advocating for our daughter, she also taught me a lot of things that matter when advocating for my child. She gave me a different perspective about it. My daughter is now going to be in an inclusive school because of her initial help. I cannot thank her enough for this. I'm looking forward to working with Dr. Strasser Congrove and ELM Educational Consulting again in my future battles for my child."


-Melissa T.

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