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ELM Educational Consulting LLC (ELM LLC) was developed to help ensure that children receive the education they deserve and are entitled to in order to help achieve school and post-school success.  As educational advocates and educational consultants, we believe that every child has a unique gift to share with the world and a unique learning style that when once understood can be fostered and easily supported in school.  As education success involves a village, we help families, teachers, school administrators, community advocates, and students themselves work together to empower and support students. We specialize in creating successful, empowering educational plans and supports for the clients we serve. Our expertise is in education law, special education law, educational advocacy, special education advocacy, educational psychology, teaching and learning, school supports available for students, gifted/talented services, and effective home-school communication.  

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Dr. Leslie Strasser Congrove


Dr. Leslie Strasser Congrove (formerly Dr. Leslie Strasser Murdock) is the educational psychologist of ELM LLC and the mom of 4 very different children with unique strengths and learning styles. Dr. Strasser Congrove represents organizations, children, and families looking to obtain necessary school services.  She is the Education Liaison for Clark County's Department of Family Services (DFS) and Truancy Prevention Outreach Program (TPOP) where she ensures education rights and services for children in foster care and children who are struggling with school related issues.  Dr. Congrove is also the Educational Specialist for the JFSA Center for Assessment and Educational Services where she works with a team of specialists to provide children and families educational and community support and schools with school psychology services. Dr. Strasser Congrove is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) where she teaches education advocacy and law courses. She consults for and works with several agencies including the Nevada Department of Education, the Department of Juvenile Justice, the City of Las Vegas, the Clark County School District, and UNLV's School of Medicine's Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship. 

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